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Allergic reaction to Dectomax Pour on

My friend is having a problem with an  allergic reaction her Warmblood Stallion is having.

Details here:

I'm in the proces of posting updated photos, but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Allergic reactions to the Dectomax pour on wormer in their horses before?

Updated photos taken today

Which Dectomax is she using, the one we use here at work is not listed for use with horses, use only on cattle, sheep and deer.


Bundy I had a similar reaction on Jude’s mother an arabXQH when I applied Brute right before letting them out on a hot sunny day.

It looked like the brute burnt her skin & the hair fell out within a few days. It grew back again & I was careful in future not to apply any pour-on on a sunny day. I used to use Bayticol pour on before it was withdrawn & found it good but only applied it on overcast days when there was no rain forecast for at least 3  days so it had a chance to sink in or work itself around the whole horse.

So I think it's got more to do with the horse being exposed to sun right after treatment rather than the pour-on itself.

Not been on here for a while.  

But I used dectomax on vet's instructions once to treat a lice infestation. Olive aborted her foal that night and came down with laminitis the next day. Never again.

We don't have any pour on horse wormers in the states anymore.  When I lived on the ranch we had a product called Warbex, which was listed as OK for horses, although we had it for cows.  My horses took off bucking and rolling and like Cokey, never again...I won't even use Spot On.

Another thing to remember with that type of product is that the active ingredient is carried into the body with DMSO, which will carry it into your body equally well, and it will carry anything else on the skin with fly spray.
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