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There's another Brannaman that is a good horsemen but his way of thinking seems to be a bit different than his brothers. Smokie isn't as well known but I find it refreshing that he mentions Buck in the same sentence as Jeff Griffith and Clinton Anderson. Seems to me that Smokey may have something to offer but he's not well known.

Wears grey in re-enactments and is a member of Horse Council. I can't help but like him. Anybody know if he rides with Buck?


Smokie Brannaman is Buck's older brother.  Also an outstanding horseman.
cynthia peterson

According to The Far Away Horses (Buck's book about his life) Smoky is his older brother (only other sibling) Though Buck and Smokey spent most of their childhood as professional Trick Ropers (Rodeos, exhibits, and commercials) it seems Smokey did not pursue horses after he got old enough to be on his own. Like Buck says, some cowboys either want to be cowboys when they grow up and some never want to see cows or horses again. And it seems Smoky was of another personality. You have to read the whole book about their sad abusive childhood, but Buck and Smokey went different ways, and not b/c of anything as they still are close.

I don't know Smokey other then his book and what Buck said in his book about Smokey. But I do know Buck and Clint Anderson and Clint is no Buck Brannaman.

I didn't even know Buck had a brother. Very interesting and, like Jack, I find it refreshing that Smokey doesn't just follow one clinician even if he has a well known brother/clinician.  

Rik(The Sequel)

If your interested in Smokie you can hear from the man himself here on  the show dated 5/22/2010, it's few years on now but iirc it's well worth a listen.

Hello All!

Don't believe everything you read in books! Mine or Bucks! Seek out your own answers with help from the rest of us. Yes I did not go into the training business full time choosing instead to join the military. But that didn't mean I quit horses all together. Contrary to what some may think or believe I too know a little something about our equine partners! You are right Clinton is not Buck and Buck is not Ray or Tom. All of us have different ways of doing things, different methods, etc. But the bottom line is you have to have the knowledge and the tools to make it work and get along with your horse and they are all different too. What works on one horse might not work on the next one and if you have a limited amount of tools to work with you might be out of luck. So  watch, listen and learn from all of them. Taking away those tools that work for you and leave the rest. Thanks for letting me drop in and we'll see you around here from time to time!
Smokie Brannaman
cynthia peterson

Thanks for popping in Smokie! And I would say your words are right on!

Hey Smokie, I'm glad to see you joining in here. I really enjoyed your book "Whisper This" and found your viewpoints refreshing. Your emphasis on purchasing the right horse is not voiced enough. I found myself really comptemplating your thoughts on what people hope to gain from today's clinicians in the limited time they spend with them as well. Sure gave me some thoughts to ponder myself.

Welcome from the "Appomattox Liberty Guard", aka as the 46th Virginia. I'm a buckeye by birth (Con-Federal   ) but my heart belongs to dixie. I look forward to your input here at "It's About the Horse".


Thanks Jack!

And perhaps we will get a chance to ride together when our unit, The First Alabama Cav joins you in 2013 at The Gettysburg 150th!

Re: Hello All!

Smokie wrote:
What works on one horse might not work on the next one and if you have a limited amount of tools to work with you might be out of luck.

This is really nicely put.

I think a lot of people run into trouble (heck, I know I have before) because they get stuck in the mentality of "this way" is the right way and the ONLY way to approach or solve a problem.

I think there is more than one good way to address most training goals. The problem is people get stuck in the way it's always worked, and forget to try something new or different when they need to.
Laurie Archbold

Welcome Smokie
 Mighty glad to have you join us


Welcome Smokie.  
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