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Free Online Equine Anatomy course

On Linda Tellington's web site there is is link to the Equinology's free course.  "Broaden your knowledge of veterinary terminology and the musculoskeltetal system of the horse."

However, at the bottom is says there is a $15 charge ($25 if outside US),  for certificates of completion, processing paperwork etc.  Sounds fair.

Anyone ever done this course?

This online course is now free until 2011 to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of veterinary terminology and the musculoskeletal system of the horse.

The EQ50 online course is also the required precourse study guide used for our signature EQ100, EQ101 and EQ102 courses in Equine Body Worker® certification. You will also find it very helpful if taking courses from any program including Equinology’s courses in anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, saddle fitting and any other modality for horses.

Signing up for this course now allows you the luxury of studying well ahead of time if you intend to take courses in the future. With the expanded EQ50 Study Guide, we have determined it takes around 100 hours to complete.

This EQ50 course also offers 50 continuing education hours for members of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (Human State Certification).


Glen and I are enrolled, yes. Considering what we pay for courses, the $35 each is terrific value for courses as comprehensive as Equinology's.

The red light therapy course Glen and I did in July is now the EQ1600, so for us it is a terrific addition, particularly as it is the prerequisite for Glen to doing the EQ100 Equine Bodyworker course.

That's pretty neat.  I may do it since it's a great thing I can do with horses and stay indoors during the cold winter.  I really liked the Masterson Massage DVD and had good results learning it, so this might be my next step.

I signed up for it.  You do have to pay the $15 for the certificate regardless, but I think it is still an incredible value.

If it ends up being interesting, maybe we can start a thread.  Or maybe we've already started the thread . . .
I signed up and will let you all know what it's like.  And will post my questions, too.  Of course.
Aussie girl

I signed up today for the free course too. I also have the Masterson Method DVD and have been practicing on my boys . I know human anatomy quite well, so alot of the terms, root words etc are already in my head somewhere just need to brush off a few cobwebs

Anyone want to share their experiences so far?  I just found this thread and visited the site.  It sounds like something I would enjoy this summer.  Let me know how you all feel about it.  Thanks
Aussie girl

Haven't had too much time yet to devote to the study, but I am making plans to be a little more organized beginning this week
If you have a medical (or vet) background then I don't think it will be too difficult. I know human anatomy and physiology and it translates quite well to the 4 legged critters. I am incorporating it with the Masterson massage techniques too so trying to put some practical use to the anatomy will help reinforce the terminology.
If you are completely new to anatomical terms, bones muscles etc it will obviously be more difficult, but still doable I think. They don't expect you to have the same in depth knowledge as a physician but until I look at the test, which won't be for a few months it will be hard to say. For $15 I think its worth a go...keeps my brain cells from seizing up!

Thanks girl!  I've got a solid background so should not be too stressful.  Think I'll give it a whirl this summer.

Just enrolled, looking forward to it, another "arrow in the quiver"

I just signed up for it. It costs $20. It looks like a thorough course from what I see so far.


Which course exactly have y'all signed up for? Is it the distance learning anatomy class? If so, does a group do it all at the same time? Thanks for the link to the website, a place I'd not visited before. The inspirational stories were, well, wonderful!

I have just signed up for this course, how did you all enjoy it?

I do the Masterson method already, but thought taking an anatomy course would be beneifical too.

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