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Help for Clarissa and Sonny

I have been contacted from some IATH members who want to help Clarissa with Sonny's feet.  She would like to get him seen by Jules (Nashama) corrective farrier, however the cost is prohibitive to her.   The cost for the therapeutic shoes (similar to Eponas) is $60 a pair and the cost for the farrier is about $100 a visit.  It will take more then one visit to fully heal Sonny's feet.  

Many people have suggested Clarissa have him seen and treated by a farrier, now is a chance we can make that happen...and help repay Clarissa for all the wonderful help she has been here for so many.

If you'd like to donate to a fund to treat Sonny's feet, Clarissa's PayPal account is:

I donated some...let's get some shoes for Sonny!

Okay, I'm a numpty and don't know how to use pay pal.  

Do I have to set up my own account in order to send money?  Then I can use the email address above to send money?

Yes!!! will do tomorrow!!! Help is on the way, Clarissa!!!!

Thanks Emma. †No you don't need to have an account. You just go to the paypal site & click on 'make a payment'. It will ask you for the recipient's email address & I think it then confirms the address is active in paypal. You then add your credit/debit card details & how much you want to pay. There will be a credit card fee charged by your bank these days unfortunately.

Otherwise I can email my bank account details & you can do a net bank transfer if that is easier & will avoid bank charges (I think).

I should maybe clarify here a little. This plan for Sonny has been developing for a year. It isnít an overnight decision.

Some time ago Nashama (who has been following my thread about Sonnyís feet) gave me the name of a master farrier who I already knew of, but I didnít know that he still took on special cases. Her husband Glen who is a long time specialist farrier himself, has started using these Ďplasticí shoes which he says are getting really good result in certain cases & suggests they may suit Sonny but are expensive (as are all the better types) & mostly only available to the Ďtradeí. They also require a specialist farrier to fit them.

So I have been trying to save the large amount of money needed to get this done. I have been trying to save for over a year to get some sort of specialist farrier, however things move very slowly. Itís been 3mths since I settled on which specialist farrier & found out the costs. I am just failing to get anywhere near what I need by selling household stuff & having car boot sales, then some other emergency comes along to take what little I had saved so Sonny misses out again. Then each time I have to start over but things are looking quite dire now which is affecting me personally. I can tell you I do feel his pain.

The wet season is bearing down at a great rate of knots & although the other horses have recovered from the heel rot, Sonny has not recovered enough & there are signs it will overtake his feet again this year when the rain starts in about 4-6 wks time.

Added to that have been a series of health issues that have sat me on my ar$e lately & given me a real fright to the point of wondering how I would fare with the horses if I became even more incapacitated. Coupled with this fact, I decided I couldnít save enough on my own. Like I said I have been trying very hard for a year already but with the wet season looming I am hoping I havenít left it too late because to get to see David †Farmilo takes quite a while itself. I have to wait until he is coming up this way.

For me asking for help is a last ditch thing. I appreciate all the help & thank forum members in advance & am humbled by your generosity.

David's website

Noticed this farrier had gift certificates!  That would eliminate pay pal woes, right?  How's that work for ya Clarrisa?  Have you contacted him yet?  Will he know who you are?

Thanks Clarissa.  Happy to help.  

bit wrote:
Noticed this farrier had gift certificates! †That would eliminate pay pal woes, right? †How's that work for ya Clarrisa? †Have you contacted him yet? †Will he know who you are?

Thanks Bit, that's a good idea. I have made generic type contact to find out more of the how & when but not made bookings until I knew I could pay. I will see about making a booking now by sending an email & if you wait a day or 2 I hope to have an answer back.

Perhaps once a booking is made a credit towards that visit could be established with him.

Clarrisa, once you book him I'll commit to a 100.00 gift certificate.  Will that get Sunny his first set of shoes?  I'll get that done on Friday.
becky b

Clarissa I just sent you some money.  I don't know how much it will be in Australian dollars, but hopefully it is enough to get you started.  Email the farrier and get the appointment, I think there are enough people on here wanting to help to make it happen.  My prayers go out to Sonny.

Bit that's so generous as is that from Becky & Carol. More than I ever hoped. Thankyou all

I'm waiting to hear back as to whether shoes are the right option at this time. I'm sure David would have farriers in this state that he trained & he may send me to one of them too. He doesn't have such a list on his website but I asked about that today too.

cheers all

I've just transferred some money too (just sent you an email).

Sometimes, people just need a helping hand and to know that they are not alone. † <hugs> Clarissa.  

Just sent some money Clarissa:) God bless you and Sonny!!!!

Count me in, I will give some tomorrow.  

Just sent you some.  I hope Sonny gets better really quick!!    

Thankyou to all who are replying to this thread. I am PMing each.

Iíve just had a reply to my email to David Farmilo telling me he is away & unavailable until into November. That throws a spanner in the works somewhat!

Anyway due to the absolute generosity of a few people I have enough to get xrays to get the ball rolling. After going through both my farrier section threads & making a timeline of photos of the last 3yrs happenings, I decided it was best to establish a new base line & the only way to do that is more xrays.

Sonny is quite lame again today although all feet are the same temperature. So I guess another abscess is brewing in the LF while the RH is still sore. So I must get a better handle on what is going on inside. Xrays will be of great help to whoever ends up treating him.

I havenít decided whether Iíll get the xrays as a home visit or if Iíll unload the hay out of the float & haul him the 20ks to the vetís farm where the machine is installed. Thereís a big difference in cost, but Iím feeling very weak right now.

There isn't another farrier available?   Does your vet have a farrier that he/she works on laminitis cases with?   I find that they are specialists in the latest technology.

I'll pitch in $50 but I have to wait for payday.  

Glad you are getting x-rays.  I sure hope they tell a clear story of what he needs.  You guys are in my prayers.

I'm getting the xrays done next Monday afternoon & the guy who does them is a hoof specialist who gives recommendations to farriers based on the tests he does.

I will ask him what he thinks.

Sonny's heels have crumbled again this last week indicating what I thought was wet season caused foot rot, is not that at all because it has been totally dry here for almost 8wks now. They did seem like they were repairing & I was really happy to see the improvement but I'm totally distraught now.

I'm thinking compromised blood supply to the heel area making weak horn. But why? So really hoping the vet guy will have some answers for me. I'm hoping the abscesses will show up on the xrays to indicate where they start from.

here's hoping...I need a fingers crossed smilie!  

Also analyse his diet, Clarissa. Is he on an oxalate pasture? A chat to Gotcha Equine (in Queensland) could be worthwhile.

might be worth getting in touch with Carol Layton and having your horse's diet balanced:,%20Dr.%20Kellon.pdf

When Sonnyís feet get xrayíd on Monday the vet will also be taking a blood test for nutrition. That will also be a guideline for the others.

Itís really interesting Jules how when they lived at my previous farm where the dominant grass was setaria & the rest of the herbage was well grazed weeds like bracken & lantana, their only hand feed was a bit of Mitavite Breeda & a biscuit of prime lucerne hay daily, they all had really good feet that hardly needed dressing or trimming & were in quite good condition, strong, fit & healthy.

I knew the pasture was wrong for horses so I sold up, gave up my carefully planned play area that spanned the whole 40ac property, did away with my plans to NH train horses on cattle & moved here where the dominant pasture is native kangaroo grass, couch &  bladey grass & edible herbages, no weeds at all.

So you would think their feet & general health should improve out of sight, but even with 16ac of grass they got thin despite adding 4x more hand feed than previously & their feet have slowly declined. I am now feeding what is supposed to be the correct supplement for this area, grass hay of Rhodes or blue grass with a tiny bit of lucerne through it & small amount of pelleted feed far better quality than they used to get. I just donít seem to be able to take a trick these days.

Kate when I had their diet analyzed in the FeedXL software run by Dr Kohnke 2yrs ago (since theyíve been here) it gave a replacement feed plan that was almost a total hand feed. What that meant was that all this supposedly excellent native pasture that is costing me an arm & leg to lease, was rubbish & they would have been better staying on the setaria & poisonous weeds!! (& Iíd be better off too because I would still have that place which I owned. After I sold it, it tripled in value) However I am now not in a position to give them more than a handful of pellets daily just enough to hold the hoof supplement. They get that every second day which is all I can afford to feed & the other day they get a biscuit of the wetted grass hay (wet to make it more palatable not to remove the little sugar content it might still have, because itís not very good quality now since itís a year old). But if not that, then nothing. Sonny is holding his condition, Jude is still thin from last years outbreak of whatever it was that made her itchy & Cassie is ok too. None are overly well conditioned but just enough for sedentary horses.

Because their hay is such a small proportion of their total intake it is of little importance what itís values are. It is mostly a stomach filler. The small serve of pellets they get is just to make them think they had a feed because itís only a very tasty cupful.

Eleanor Kellonís article on hoof nutrition was very interesting & I have no doubt copper & zinc could be the culprits at my place. However I am still to find a supplement that addresses these 2 elements to create a suitable supplement. There is the Pat Colby method of feeding the raw minerals in the hope the horse will consume enough of all the other bits & pieces required to adequately assimilate the minerals without poisoning the horse. All other feeds never contain enough to be considered a supplement specifically for zinc & copper deficiency without over feeding the horse. The supplement I am currently feeding Sonny addresses biotin & a few other bits but I wonít get anymore because to me it seems a waste of money since it hasnít made a positive change to his feet after 4mths. The heels at least should be stronger by now if it worked.

Jules I went through the Gotcha website & did their survey & asked for follow up.

Clarissa, I was reading on Pete Ramey's website that for some deficiencies he recommended Source HF. It isn't cheap but appears to be a good product. Similar to algae and the like.

Clarissa, Gotcha Equine, or hoof specific,

We personally feed Vitam Vitality Plus and Tuff Rock Conditioner or Joint, and have great hooves even after the pasture transition from the Riverina junk to the edge of the southern highlands. We started adding salt into their feeds and saw an improvement yet again, so you could try him on what we use - 30g Vitam, half cup Tuff Rock Joint, 5g salt into some chaff per day if he has grazing.

Something to ask the vet is about disruption to the GIT causing malabsoption of his minerals. If so, we have had awesome results with Tuff Rock GI on Nashama and Aslaan - if you can fix the gut you can heal the horse.

Native pastures are generally adapted to thin, poor soils and depending on the horses may or may not meet the needs of the grazing animals on it. The only reliable way to tell you what has been happening over a number of years is to soil test. A pasture test will only tell you what is currently happening. If it's not in the soil, it is not going to be in the plant and unless you dump gypsum, super, lime, flood silt, etc on it, then you will not radically change the soil composition from what it was a few years back.

Pat Coleby will likely exacerbate your problems, particularly if Sonny's is some sort of malabsorption problem. I would personally go with the vet diagnosis, a soil test and then Gotcha Equine for your area and issues.

Thanks for that info Jules. I'll check on those products on my next trip to the coast where the big horse shop is.

We feed Vitality Plus too. The hooves are looking fabulous, coats are glittery, and it is the most economical (cost per serve) supplement I've used.

I found Mitavite to be wanting in terms of weight maintenance and digestability. I won some free bags recently, and thought I'd switch from Prydes (extruded) to Mitavite (micronised) to see if my horses would go better on smaller meals of more concentrated energy. After the mare flipped over backwards on me on Monday, I drove out and bought a bag of Prydes, and banished the Mitavite to the oldies feed. Rode last night and the mare was softer and quieter then she has been in ... oh, two months since switching!

Prydes wins out, in terms of quality and weight gain. My horses lost condition, even though nutritionally the feeds were of equal value (per serve).


Paying for an attorney for my divorce is hindering me right now but I hope next week to be able to help!!!! GOOD LUCK SONNY!!!!

My computer has a virus † & the fix is taking ages. Even when you think the file is clean there can be nasties waiting at the door to slip through with it! †violent3 So my visits to this forum have been spasmodic & will continue so for a few days yet.

There's no hurry Jodi. Sonny's hoof probs will be an extended fix also! thumbup

I got the xrays done yesterday afternoon.

I am starting a new thread in the farrier section to show xray shots & proposed treatment etc.

Vet said it's doable but needs aggressive early treatment.

great †

I didn't get blood tests for 2 reasons.

1. the vet told me the cost & I just about fell over! sad5  it would leave nothing for even one farrier visit.

2. Vet said Sonny didn't look deficient anyway (which I know is no real indication but at least he obviously isn't too bad). He suggested getting a lick block for Sonny but couldn't recommend one. Maybe he's not allowed to. So if someone in Australia knows of a good copper lick block please let me know. The best I know of is the Rumavite block 'with added copper for horses' but on closer inspection the 'extra' amounts to just a few grams.  

Conversely if one of the afore mentioned supplements in this thread is good for copper/zinc remind me which it is & I'll endeavour to get it this coming Friday.

cheers peers  toothy8

I haven't seen the rads yet, but I am very surprised the vet advised against blood work.  You can waste a lot of time and money (and loose your horse) treating the wrong thing.   Check prices at your vet teaching University laboratories - here they get lots of State monies and are a lot cheaper then the commercial lab the vet normally uses.  My cost of Insulin Glucose is $110 at the commercial lab, but $32 at the University of Michigan.  I can run a full scan for the same price of just IG.   I looked on-line, down-loaded and printed out all the forms to get the better prices, and took them in.

I suggest going to the IR-Cushings group on Yahoo and read all their files, all the basic emergency treatment (put Sonny on it) and then the latest treatments.   Make a history file and post Sonny's rads and history and get their advice.   I have two IR mares, both for completely different reasons and two different treatment protocols.  I would have lost both if I hadn't done blood work and posted them there.  I love my local vet, but he does not keep up on the latest and greatest.   Save Sonny - educate yourself and demand the bloodwork you (he) needs.   Buying supplements without testing is shooting in the dark.  JMHO

Something else, remember that laminitis is a SYMPTOM.  It is caused by something.  If you don't fix that something you don't cure the horse, you're just treating a symptom - and there could be other symptoms you aren't aware of.  If you only treat the symptom and not the cause, it will come back.

I'm thinking of getting a hair analysis done of Sonny's hair rather than have the fodder etc done or doing blood tests.

In the end it would be more reasonably priced. As soon as I get the vets bill I'll know how much there is left. If I get that down there probably won't be much left for farriers unfortunately. There isn't enough for blood tests.  

The hair analysis will tell me exactly what his system actually uses & is deficint in.

This is Eleanor kellon's view on hair analysis:

Hair analysis, as a method of detecting mineral poisoning (arsenic), dates back to 1857. Since then,improvement in testing methods has led to great accuracy and repeatability Ė at least within a given lab.
Hair can be analyzed for a variety of substances, including drugs, but in nutritional terms hair analysis refers to hair mineral levels. In addition to being easy to collect, not requiring a vet fee, and having no particular storage or handling issues, hair is touted as providing a time line of mineral levels that is not possible with blood analysis.
This is true, but the value of hair analysis as a reflection of diet is limited for several reasons. Minerals reach hair the same way they do any other tissue Ė via the blood. However, this is where the problem starts with translating hair levels into dietary levels:

Minerals absorbed from the intestinal tract pass through the liver before reaching the heart and being pumped out to other tissues. The liver can, and does, remove minerals before they ever reach the hair. Circulating mineral levels therefore do not necessarily equal dietary levels.  To the extent that hair mineral levels reflect mineral availability and mineral levels in other body tissues (they don't always, see below), hair would be a good measure of available dietary minerals. However, they don't tell why any given mineral is in low or high concentration. For example, available zinc may be low because there is a dietary deficiency, because of a high level of one or more competing minerals, or because the body's need for zinc at that time was higher than normal and tissues were utilizing more. There's no way to distinguish between these various causes and therefore no way to know what has to be done to correct it. Another very significant problem is that circulating levels of many minerals is under tight hormonal control. This includes sodium, calcium and iron. Many minerals are also extremely rapidly secreted by the kidneys if their levels begin to change outside a tight range. This includes sodium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride and potassium.

To further complicate the issue, there is the influence of disease states. In people, some devotees of hair mineral have compiled extensive hair mineral data on people with a variety of diseases and worked backwards from that to look at hair mineral patterns to diagnose diseases or metabolic types. Some of these may well be valid, others are questionable, but the bottom line is that this has not been done with horses. Horses are not humans and many aspects of their metabolism is very different. There is no justification whatsoever for diagnosing anything about a horse's health or metabolism from a hair mineral pattern.
As a final point, it should be mentioned that disease states can greatly interfere with interpretation of hair mineral patterns. In a study of women with osteoporosis, high hair magnesium correlated with poor bone mineral density and low blood magnesium. The high hair magnesium alone would have been very misleading. I had a case myself several years back where hair mineral analysis showed an extremely low iron and she was indeed anemic but blood iron and transferrin saturation were very high.
The hair mineral pattern would have dictated iron supplementation but her problem was actually a very low copper, confirmed by blood copper levels, but hair copper was normal. Bottom line is that hair mineral patterns on a large herd basis may show trends that correlate with dietary intakes for some minerals (traces except iron), but there are so many individual factors that can influence hair mineral it is not useful as a tool for dictating supplementation.
Additional hair mineral reading:

GM thatís all interesting reading. Generally I hear good results from hair analysis.

In the web article she says that copper & zinc levels are not reliably indicated in hair samples. However I think taking a liver biopsy is an extreme method of discovering accurate levels.

Clarissa wrote:
In the web article she says that copper & zinc levels are not reliably indicated in hair samples. However I think taking a liver biopsy is an extreme method of discovering accurate levels.

.. she's saying to just get a blood test and have your pasture analysed so you can balance your diet to your horses needs.

Think I'll just keep my thoughts to myself from now on.

Gillies_mom: That was really interesting reading!

The problem with getting a hair analysis and not having the pasture analysed is that one can't formulate an appropriate feeding plan as you don't know what the base pasture contains. I remember having to get blood tests done on one of my horses and it wasn't outrageously expensive.

As I said, get a soil analysis done. I only agree with EK to a point as pasture analysis only tells you what is happening in the pasture on the day you take the sample. Mineral and sugar levels, even down to H2O levels, can vary across a paddock from morning to night, let alone weekly, which is why there is now such a huge use of spatial analysis in agriculture. As most farmers and soil scientist types know, you need to take weekly samples over the growing season to get a decent picture. What Clarissa needs to know is what is happening long term in the pasture to effect the horse, and only a soil analysis may tell her that at reasonable cost. She could couple that with a hair analysis, but the cheapest route is to take some soil samples.

This morning I had disappointing news from David Farmilo's office.

Another person from his office emailed me yesterday to send some photos. I sent a link to the most recent photo album being October's photos of Sonny's feet the latest taken last week. I said I'd be adding today's photos this afternoon & would make a full set of shots of each hoof.

As you will all be aware I date & name each photo quite clearly. Photobucket has recently taken to mixing up the photos on each page rendering them out of chronological order to some extent (but only for each page, not mixing all pages together fortunately). You know how these things are aimed at the younger generation.  

Apparently the person at DF's office found that too hard to look at & work through even though it was still only one page of photos from this month only. In anycase she said they are only interested in dealing with one hoof via online method.

I offered to pay for one on one service but that was refused.

So I emailed back that I was sorry to take up their time.

I will ask around locally to see if I can find the farrier who has been holding clinics. He no longer lives locally but maybe he is taking special clients.

I'm feeling quite brain dead right now.   My compter is dying & I have been spending far too much time online at a tech help site trying to work through ways to keep it running another few months til I can afford to buy a new one. I really need to get more sleep to refresh my tired mind. After that I will start looking for a new hoof professional. The vet who took the xrays is professionally not in a position to recommend anyone.

Perhaps he feels he has given you all the answers he can, or they are not able to deal with the systems you are asking them to use. They are not young people, David is in his late 60's and Ann not that far behind. Go back through the advice he has already given you and see exactly what it is he has said, then act on it.

Nashama wrote:
Perhaps he feels he has given you all the answers he can, or they are not able to deal with the systems you are asking them to use. They are not young people, David is in his late 60's and Ann not that far behind. Go back through the advice he has already given you and see exactly what it is he has said, then act on it.

He hasn't given me any advice yet. He's been away & Anne emailed me the other day. I just followed his website instructions in the section on common hoof problems. Interestingly Anne contradicted that very advice in her email to me!

I set up that particular photobucket album specially for David to view the photos easily without me having to send a heap of photos in an email. I was planning incase my computer went bung which is just may do any days soon. All they had to do was click on the link in the email I sent & up would come all the most recent photos.

Oh well no to worry I'll work something else out.

Sonny is getting a new abscess on RF since I lowered his heels a very small tad again to rebalance his front to back hoof measurements.

Seems like the cycle is repeating, taking up where it originally started back in March I think it was. I'm trying to think of a way to do something different to break that cycle that won't perpetuate the bad things.


Sorry to hear it, Clarissa.

I just found this website - maybe one of them might head out your way? I know it's tricky as Qld is huge.

Qld Govt Accredited Farriers

TOM AFFLECK, 52-54 Macginley Road, Upper Caboolture, 4510.  Ph: 07 5497 0674, Mobile: 0427 934 420. Email:  Accredited.  Over 20 years experience.

STEVEN ASKEW, Unit 150/125 Hansford Rd, Coombabah.  4216  Mobile: 0412 975 029.  Email:   Accredited.

BRETT BARTLETT, PO Box 16, Canungra.  4275.  Mobile: 0408 882  729.   Accredited.

IAIN BATTEN, Unit 120/114 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise.  4217.  Mobile: 0418 180 602   Accredited.

DES BOSWORTH, 16476 New England Highway, MS544, Clifton. 4361.  Ph: 07 4612 3123, Mobile: 0407 132 701, Fax: (07) 4612 3124. Accredited.

TOM BROWNING, PO Box 474, Nanango. 4615.  Ph: 07 4163 7270,  Mobile: 0407 124 886.  Accredited.

ROSS CHICKEN, 85 F. Lindsay Road, Rocksberg 4510. Ph: 07 5496 7701  Mobile: 0412 772 414 email:  Accredited.

KRISTIAN COATS, 19 Benedict St, Wavell Heights. 4012.  Mobile: 0413 258 848   Accredited.

STEVE CROSBIE, 15 Ennor Street, Wavell Heights, 4012.  Ph: 07 32668510  Mobile: 0412 356 993 email: Accredited.

T.G. (CLAYE) CUNNINGHAM, P.O. Box 147, Beaudesert. 4285.  Ph: 07 5543 0180, Mobile: 0413 800 837.  Accredited.

GARY DAGNELL, 17 Stanford Court, Logan Village.  4207   Mobile: 0418 457 402    Accredited.

ARNOLD DOBBE, 1149 Rosewood Laidley Road, Grandchester, 4340.  Ph: 07 5465 5216.  Accredited.  Certificate III Scone TAFE.

BRUCE DONALDSON,  71 Carbine Rd, Brookfield 4069.  16 years experience.  2003 AFBA National Open Hi-Point Champion.  Ph: 07 3574 1698 Mobile: 0408 767 236.  Accredited.

TERRY DRENNAN,  5 Heavy Street, Toowoomba.  4350 Mobile 0418 209 409. Accredited.

TIM HEEB, 1 Rainbow Place, Beaudesert. 4285   Mobile: 0428 182 200. Email:  Accredited.

TONY HANDLEY, 14-18 Deltoro Rd, Cedar Grove, 4285.  Mobile 0418 489 779.  email: Accredited

KERRY IRELAND, 9 Coonardoo Court, Wongawallen.  4210   Mobile: 0418 120 138   Accredited.

Lachlan McGufficke, 115 Mundoolun Connection Road, Wonglepong. Qld  4275.  Mobile 0410 842 663  Email:  Accredited farrier.

CHRIS McMULLEN, 241 Begley Rd, Greenbank.  4124.  Mobile: 0403 398 385.   Accredited.

BILL NIEMANN, 168 Evans Rd, Boonah.  4310.  Mobile:  0408 291 161   Accredited.

WAYNE NUGENT, 19 Colonial St, Toowoomba. 4350  Mobile: 0419 652 145.  Email: Accredited.

JONATHAN OEHM, Servicing SE Qld.  Specialising in remedial and therapeutic shoeing - foals to older performance horses and surgical cases.  Mobile: 0432 182 873  Email:  Web:  Accredited.

DANIEL PHILIP, 84 Mt Lindsey Hwy, Gleneagle. 4285. Ph: 07 5542 1578. Mobile: 0411 400 124. Email: Accredited

TONY PRICE, 150 German Church Rd, Carbrook. 4130.  Ph: 07 3206 6891  Mobile: 0402 841 156.  Accredited.

DELWYN RICHARDSON, 45 Cockatoo Court, Caboolture. 4510.  Ph: 07  5499 2454  Mobile: 0412 734 228 Email:   Accredited

LUKE RIDING, 164 Riverside Ave, Barellan Point. 4306.  Mobile: 0413 329 645  Email:   Accredited

STEVE RIGGS, 218 Sanctuary Hills Rd, Takura. 4655.  Ph: 07 4128 0783   Mobile: 0417 428 005.  Accredited.

TERRENCE ROWE, 46 McGrath Rd, Oakey. 4401.   Mobile:  0428 933 116   Accredited.

PAUL RUDDY, 33 Rodeo Drive, Meringandan. 4352.  Ph: 07 4696 9207, Mobile: 0427 767 194.  Accredited.

SAVAGES FARRIERING SERVICE, Fred Savage, 7 Cobens Rd Hampden. 4741.   Mobile: 0417 002 459.  Accredited.

THOMAS SEDGER, 181 Glenhaven Drive, Kilcoy.  4515  Mobile: 0417 076 144 email:  Accredited.

GLEN SHARP, 27 Dommett St, Wulguru, Townsville. 4811. Ph: 07 4729 0547 Mobile: 0418 743 102.   email:  Accredited.  Quality and reliable service.

DALE TAYLOR, 174 Purcell Road, Southbrook. 4363  Ph: 07 4630 6354, Mobile: 0417 611 691. email:  Accredited.

LUKE TOWNSEND "Ellendee", 1837 Old Allora Road, Allora  Qld  4362.  Phone: 07 4666 3238  Mobile: 0414 322 385.  email:
ADAM TOZER, 286 Hendon-Deuchar Rd, Allora. 4362  Mobile:  0427 322 150  Email:  Accredited

JIM URQUHART, 85 McLaughlin Road, Morayfield. 4506. Ph: 07 5428 7573 Mobile: 0402 713 861.  New Zealand Accredited Master Farrier, Member A.F.B.A. & N.Z.F.A.

GRAEME WARD, "Bona Vista", 223 Sherwins Rd, Jardine, 4702.  Phone: 07 4934 3120.  Mobile: 0419 714 395. Accredited.

KENT WELLS, 62 Lilybrook Road, Coulson, 4310.  Ph: 07 5463 5771 Mobile: 0414 742 112.   email:  Accredited.

Qld Unaccredited Farriers

MALCOLM ADAMS, 3 Kelly Rd, Spring Creek. 4343  Ph: 07 5466 5711.  Servicing the Lockyer Valley & surrounds.

BEN BELL, 97 Worendo St, Veresdale.  4285.  Mobile: 0417 753 103.  Email:

TRAVIS FEDRICK, 733 Ingoldsby Road, Gatton.  4343  Ph: 07 5462 6258  Mobile: 0437 449 844  Email:

DREW FOWLES "Otway" M.S 1855, Theodore  Qld  4719.  Phone: 07 4993 2150  Mobile: 0414 370 389  Email address:
KENNETH JAMES FROST, "Warrandaroo", Muttaburra, 4732.  Ph: 07 4658 7335, Mobile: 0428 152 116.  email:

MARK KNOX, 43 Wilkes Road, Ebenezer. Qld 4340  Phone 07 5467 9451, Mobile 0487 522 937, Email:  

ADAM TIGHE, 19 Koala Court, Little Mountain. 4551  Mobile: 0438 536 489  Email:

BYRON JENSEN, PO Box 99, Mossman. 4873 Mobile: 0448 545 803.

DAVID PITSTOCK, 157 Boonaravale Rd, Goomeri.  4601.  Ph: 07 4168 4209  Mobile: 0427 169 043  Email:

PATRICK PRESSNELL,  467 O'Keefe Rd, Ramsay. 4358. Mobile: 0400 225 476. Email:

TONY SCANTLEBURY, 42 Luckritzs Road, Tarampa. 4311.  Ph: 07 5426 8289  Mobile: 0400 262 920 email:

DANNY SIMPSON, PO Box 176, Moranbah.  4744.  Ph/Fax: 07 4941 7293.  Mobile: 0409 178 120.  email:

PHILLIP WILLIAMS, 5 Keats Ave, Strathpine.  4500  Mobile:  0407 769 780

Qld Blacksmiths
DES BOSWORTH, 16476 New England Highway, MS544, Clifton. 4361.  Ph: 07 4612 3123, Mobile: 0407 132 701, Fax: (07) 4612 3124.

TOM BROWNING, PO Box 474, Nanango. 4615.  Ph: 07 4163 7270 Mobile: 0407 124 886.

ARNOLD DOBBE, 1149 Rosewood Laidley Road, Grandchester. 4340.  Ph: 07 5465 5216.

MIKE DOWDALL, PO Box 368, Margate. 4019. Ph: 0434 993726

TERRY DRENNAN 5 Heavy Street, Toowoomba.  4350. Mobile: 0418 209 409

KERRY FROST, Barcaldine.  4725.  Ph: 07 4651 1252  Mobile: 0427 453 152.  email:

ALAN MORRIS, 68 Fairfield Rd, Lowood. 4311 Ph: 07 5426 1418 Mobile: 0407 135 988 Winner of Dame Mary Durack Outback Craft Awards; Blacksmith category.  Stockman's Hall of Fame Centenary Celebration: Demonstration Craftsman.  Email:

Queensland Barefoot trimmers (from Easycare Aussie website).

Canungra † † Barbara Utech † † 0418758580 - Specialist Boot Fitter*

Wamuran - † Sue Daniell - Dip. Equine Podiotherapy - 0754966998 - Specialist Boot Consultant & Fitter.

Malanda - Veterinarian - †Dr Susan Curtin - 0417434537

North Maclean †- †Donna Renaud † † 0732000316

Lockyer Waters †- †Geoff Wallen † † †0754658322

South East †Toowoomba, Warwick, Brisbane - Dennis Cherry †0418790402 † † †0754679131 † † † †

Yeppoon -

Marie Farr †" Dip Equine Podiotherapy" Equine Natural Therapy, Member: IICT Mob: 0407 081 945 †Email: Specialist Easycare Down Under Boot Consultant & fitter.

Aubigny, † Veterinarian † †Dr Alison Macintosh 0419836238

Kilcoy † † Jane Fisher † † 0427829343

Mackay to Cairns - † Rachael Taylor 0747706110 - † † † † mobile † †0427299976 † † † † Rehabilitation Centre for Horses. Specialist Boot fitter

Belli Park - †John J Patrick † †0418816360

Lacey creek † - †Kirsty Hagger -

Far North QLD - Innisfail,Tully, Cairns,Kuranda,Atherton &Ravenshoe areas

Anne Batt †(ACEHP) †Specialist Boot Consultant 0448642181 †-0740643098

Bororen - Paul Lockwood †- 0438 282 937 Specialist Boot Consultant

Mackay, Nebo, Moranbah & surounds - Anita Evers 0428 105 760

Townsville - Mackay - †Chantelle Holden 0400 518 499

Stanthorpe Area _ Birgit Mayer 0431848048

Nth Brisbane Bundaberg - Donna Johnson Mob 0410 †705 993

Bundaberg/Gin Gin & surrounds - Scott Cooper - 0411 429 478

SAMFORD and SURROUNDS - Maja Stocker- EPT Student - † 0417325222

Otherwise what about long-distance consultation? I know that it says for boots but they might know of someone who IS willing to do a long-distance trimming consultation that you can send your photo link to.

To arrange a personal email consultation please use the following procedure:

Please put BOOT CONSULTATION & (your name)  in the subject line of your email that way we see it quickly and can deal with your request.

Send to and  include your phone contact details and hoof photos of the hooves you wish to boot.  Our Podiotherapist will call you back as soon as he can.  

Phone:  If you are unable to email us with your details and can only call, for phone consultations please call  02 4455-2440 to arrange a time for our Podiotherapists to call back that suits you both.

interesting. I have never known them to do that before.

That's similar to the list you sent me a while back is it Chablis? Thanks for posting it here.

Yes as I suspected this area is a desert! Not one in the Nambour/Gympie region.

In the easycare list is Alison MacIntosh who does a round trip of SEQld twice yearly & I was booked in to see her this time last year but an emergency came up at her home clinic at Toowoomba & she had to cut off this leg of her trip. She has a few clients over here. She does teeth, feet & general vet work like annual injections etc.

I could call her again to see when her next trip is. She usually stays just up the road at a ladyís place who I know a bit.

Thereís also a farrier who comes this way from down Nambour way who Iíve been trying to get a hold of for many weeks. I decided I would try him again next time I go to Nambour hospital in 2wks. I have seen his truck up this way at 7 Sisters horse farm, but donít know his number, but heard he was good. All a bit vague hey?! † †A tack shop down that way told me where he lived but didn't have a number which is why I have been trying when I go to the hospital & last time I did find his place with his sign on front gate but nobody home.

Clarissa wrote:
That's similar to the list you sent me a while back is it Chablis? Thanks for posting it here.

Yes as I suspected this area is a desert! Not one in the Nambour/Gympie region.

In the easycare list is Alison MacIntosh who does a round trip of SEQld twice yearly & I was booked in to see her this time last year but an emergency came up at her home clinic at Toowoomba & she had to cut off this leg of her trip. She has a few clients over here. She does teeth, feet & general vet work like annual injections etc.

I could call her again to see when her next trip is. She usually stays just up the road at a ladyís place who I know a bit.

Thereís also a farrier who comes this way from down Nambour way who Iíve been trying to get a hold of for many weeks. I decided I would try him again next time I go to Nambour hospital in 2wks. I have seen his truck up this way at 7 Sisters horse farm, but donít know his number, but heard he was good. All a bit vague hey?! † †A tack shop down that way told me where he lived but didn't have a number which is why I have been trying when I go to the hospital & last time I did find his place with his sign on front gate but nobody home.

I'm sorry I can't remember if it's the same list or not.  

I hope Alison is able to visit you - from the little I have heard, she is very good.

Otherwise, I hope you can get onto the farrier you mentioned above. At least you have know found where he lives so can hopefully tee something up.  

Well I was hoping to be able to just bring good news about finding a suitable farrier & having an appointment arranged. Actually itís just as well I was lagging!  

I got the bill for the xrays yesterday. When I was thinking about getting new xrays I did enquire regarding the cost & was told it was still the same as last time. They must have confused me with someone else I think. The bill will consume nearly all the donated funds. There is a bit left in my paypal account but not enough even for the initial farrier consultation. So I will have to carry on alone.

I have been so careful not to spend any funds on anything Sonny might need for his feet other than those xrays & farrier visits. The only reason I decided to have the xrays was because they told me the cost was the same as last time. It is a lot of money. Yes itís really good to know what is going on inside but whether itís worth the best part of $400 Iím not sure. Apparently I could have had all 4 feet done for same price! At least I could have seen the value if 4 were done. Interesting how vet didnít tell me I could have 4 done.  

I have contacted 3 farriers who visit this area on occasions. If I fit in with their other  clients in this area I save a heap of travel costs making the visit about $100 each time, +/- depending on what he does & what shoes are used. One farrier charges a fair bit more for the first visit because he spends more time which is a good thing but he isnít available for a couple months, basically till new year.

Good shoes arenít cheap either. I went to the farrierís supplies place to see what they had so I could know what I was discussing with the farrier because I was thinking along the lines of plastic shoes. Shoes similar to the New Balance aluminum ones made in Denmark are $25 pair. They had some plastic shoes but I wasnít impressed. They had a variety of polythene shock absorber pads which I think might be a good idea for Sonny the first time anyway especially if the farrier takes a fair bit off.

Anyway all that will have to wait. I still donít have anyone renting the cabin & things are piling up again.

I will upload some new hoof shots tomorrow for you to see. The method I am using which is my interpretation of what is written on the David Farmilo site seems to be working to pull the toe back quite quickly. I am comparing them to ones I took the day of the xrays & I am sure the heel cushions are resuming a proper shape too. Sonny is sore a bit after I do this trim but I watched him walk across the driveway yesterday & Iím sure he was easier. He was definitely anticipating lots of hurt which didnít seem to be so bad as he stepped. The photos will be in the new thread I started recently in the farrier section.

As I recorded in a new thread I just started in the Nutritional section, about a seminar I attended last night, I received some good advice from Dr John Kohnke (JK) retired vet of world renown regarding treatment for Sonny.

Here is a small portion of that post I made that applies to Sonny.

I spoke at length about Sonny's feet to JK & he suggested magnetic bell boots to be warn 12hrs daily for 3mths until a full cycle of hoof has grown right to the ground. He assures me it is the only thing that will cause stronger horn to develop again. He said there is now a laminitic cycle preventing strong horn growing & he is not surprised that after all I have done or tried, nothing has worked. He said the magnets will bring greater blood flow to the coronet band & cause the shunts to close a lot more often, forcing the blood down into the laminae causing stronger horn to develop. This must be a treatment he is currently working on.

The sole on one photo of a cut in half cadavar hoof looked remarkably like Sonnyís do now. It was really good to see what the xrays donít show about what is going on inside his feet. He said my current trim method will work as a stop gap measure to stop the toe running forward but will never produce stronger horn because it makes him sore so much, nor will all the supplementation including his own supplements which I had been using for over a year since I last talked to him.

He went on to say that it wouldn't matter what type of pasture I had him on or kept him off, once a laminitic cycle starts causing weak horn to develop, there is no way to get the horse back to soundness easily. Shoeing is the best stop gap method but is not a permanent fix & can later cause really bad secondary problems due to weak hoof growth. One of the things shoeing can cause is for the soles to collapse due to the shoes keeping the soles off the ground whilst they are still flat(sunken).

So the bell boots will be ordered as soon as I have funds available. As yet no idea about the cost because they are hand made to order. What a pity I didn't know this before I had those flamin expensive xrays done!  

This morning I got onto a pair of 2nd hand magnetic bell boots online in South Aust. They have the right amount of magnets at the right strength but the boots are not as sturdy as I would prefer (or in reality can afford ).

However rather than spend big bucks on something that may or maynot work, I decided to find some 2nd hand & if they seem to be working I will make new sturdy bell boots & transfer the magnets over. It's the magnets that are the main thing.

I am sure that by the time Sonny has worn them a few days I will see things that need changing in the design & if I can't find any new boots designed the way I think they should I will make my own.

He will wear them on the fronts during the night & on the hinds during the day for a few days first in the house yard so I can keep an eye on him & them until I am satisfied he won't wreck them. †

They should be here by next Monday at the latest.

With this new agisted horse in the front paddock Sonny has been getting a lot of exercise because Cassie has been in season & he's been having to 'protect' her from this new gelding. † †The driveway has this fine white gravel with big sharp stones in it & they have to run across it from the grazing side to the paddock side where the new horse is. So he gets to run back & forth all day as Cassie escapes his control & goes smooching to Rebel. Then Sonny has to round her up, drive her back across the driveway & up into the orchard.

He gets really frustrated & gets right on her hind end pushing her with his neck & chest because she won't be 'driven'. He is learning what I have been having to work with for the last 6yrs regarding Cassie's temperment. †

I just think to myself 'ha ha sucked in mate!' You've finally run up against your match.

This exercise is really good for him because it gets his blood flowing & feet exercised without him worrying about how much it hurts.

Sounds good, Clarissa.  

Sonnyís magnetic bell boots arrived on Friday & heís been wearing them as long as I can manage each day.

For more good news read the latest post here.

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