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becky b

Itchy Dog

My poor little Cairn Terrier has been "sick" for 2 years now.  We have been to numerous vets, had every test imaginable, had allergy test and then allergy shots, APF, some weird Chinese herbs, pro-biotics, you name it we have tried it.  I will find something that helps for a little while then it no longer helps (or at least that is what I thought).  

Decided to take him to the vet school and pay an arm and a leg to get their opinion, was doing some research to find out about getting him in there and discovered there was a K9 Dermatologist about an hour from me (closer than the vet school by a couple of hours).  Called the K9 dermatologist and found out they were a specialty hospital and you can't get in there without a referral from a vet.  Well darn.  

So there is a vet about 5 minutes from me, that I don't use because he has a reputation of being extremely expensive.  Well called them to get a consultation appointment to get the referral to the hospital.  My appointment lasted for 3 hours, turns out this vet does research on dog skin problems, he did some scrape test, blood test, Pinna/Pedal (sp?) test, etc, we discussed all the things we have tried for the last 2 years, I had a huge folder of all the vet bills (because they each show what shots or medicines the dog had).  

Then he starts telling me about Scabies, how it is misdiagnosed frequently, and that although he could not find any in the scrape test (because they are almost impossible to find) he wanted to treat him for Scabies and see what happens.  Well who would have known??  He got an ivermectin shot, antibiotics, and Prednisone (sp?).  I can already see a difference in him, he is not itching nearly as much.  He will get the ivermectin shot every two weeks until he has had three shots, and by then he should be 100% cured!!!  WooooWhoooo!!

There is hope that my dog will be well in only 6 weeks!!  I can't believe it, after all this time, all those different vets, literally thousands of dollars in bills and a vet 5 minutes from me seems positive he knows what the problem is.  If in 6 weeks he is not well then he will refer us to the specialty hospital.  One appointment there could easily run $1000, makes the $355 I spent yesterday seem cheap.

I know there is a thread on here somewhere about itchy dogs, because I ordered Toad Juice, Toad Jelly, and Toad Jam after I heard about it on that thread.  Thought I would share this information for any others that have itchy dogs.  It is one of the most common misdiagnosed problem in dogs.

Here is a link to more information about this:

Keeping my fingers crossed that this vet is right!!

I have heard of puppies who develope severe allergies who itch and scratch all their hair off due to inbreeding. I don't know if that's what wrong with your dog but it is incurable. I had scabies when I was a kid from picking up a baby bird and it is easily treatable.  Hopefully the scabies is all he has and he will be cured. Prayin for your pooch !

If this is scabies, why doesn't the shampoo work?  Why does he need shots?  Most of the vets I worked for made a very good living from dogs like yours.  The vets didn't really try to find out what was wrong.  You walk in the door, and cha ching!  Allergy shot, and the dog was still having a terrible time.  Some vets thought it could be a grass allergy, but none of them really knew.  I hope your guy finds some relief.  It doesn't surprise me that there is a vet office making a very good living specializing in dermatology.  It was our biggest ticket.  It would be interesting if you do have to go there, exactly what they are able to find out.

Interesting site I came across today about vaccines.....causing, problems with animals and one of them being itching ...... click on the pics to read

Sarcoptic mange is nasty, nasty, nasty.  Don't forget though that along with cleaning up the actual outside skin problem, you have to clean up the inside as well.

No chemicals, best dog food you can afford (and you can't get it at WalMart), distilled water or at least filtered water if you are on city water, high quality supplements if necessary, etc., etc.

Also most skin issues start with the interior systems when the liver cannot handle what it's being asked to handle so the toxins are forced out through the skin.

It's more than just a topical skin treatment.  I know because I've just gotten through battling a bout of sarcoptic mange with one of my dogs.  Nasty stuff . . .
becky b

He has had all the allergy test and I saw pages of stuff he is allergic to including fescue grass, azalea & rhodendrum family of plants.  In all it was about 50 plants he is allergic to.  He is also allergic to wheat, corn, poultry, beef, pork, barley, dust mites, cats and the list goes on.  His worst allergy is fleas.  I have to order his food on line to get a super premium food that has no preservatives and nothing he is allergic to, and yes it is very pricey!  

This all started when he got pancretitis 2 years ago.  His partner of 7 years (since he was 8 weeks old) died at the age of 16 and with in 5 days the vet was wanting to put him down, he was so sick.  He had to have constant care around the clock, he stayed at the emergency hospital at night, and I would pick him up and take him to the vets office for the day.  This went on for 6 days, and totaled about $2000.  When they made the decision to put him down I took him and all his records to another vet about an hour away in another state and they kept him for 8 days in their hospital, another tremendous bill.  Then he came home and the itching started, then we did the allergy tests, tried APF, probiotics (since he had been on so many antibiotics), all kinds of things.  He gets better then worse then better again, but he never gets well.  

We have used all kinds of shampoos ranging in price from a mere $10 to up to $60 per bottle.  I am really at my witts end.  I am almost to the point of putting him down due to the fact that he just can't get well.  I just can't part with him though.  I have spent about $6000 to $7000 in the last 2 years so I guess I have tried about everything that I know of.  

Is there something obvious that I am missing here??  I have absolutely no experience with this.  He loves, loves, loves to be outside and I have not been able to let him be outside for 2 years.  I have trained him to use puppy pads in the house.  The only time he goes outside is to go to another vet.  He is better than he was in the beginning, but he still itches about 1/2 of the time, that is just no life for a dog.

He never gets exposed to fleas, by not going outside and we use K-9 Advantix on him, since Frontline makes his hair fall out, and I have flea traps in the house just in case one comes in on us.

This vet seemed really sure that he knew what it was and after reading about it, he does have all the symptoms, so I hope he is right.  I hope and pray that in 6 weeks he will be 100% well.

Bit wrote "If this is scabies, why doesn't the shampoo work?  Why does he need shots?"  What shampoo?  Is it available online or do you have to get it from a vet??

Erin wrote "It's more than just a topical skin treatment.  I know because I've just gotten through battling a bout of sarcoptic mange with one of my dogs.  Nasty stuff . . ." Erin can you share any tips or advice since you went through this already?  He is on Flint River Ranch food (no preservatives and I checked the ingredient list to choose the best one for his allergies) and we are on a well and still filter our water.  I don't know what supplements I should put him on.  Any ideas?  He is on fish oil.  

Sherry he had all his vaccines just a few days before he got so sick.  He has not had a vaccine since.  Well I did have to let him get a rabies shot yesterday, the vet made me or else he would not treat him.  He said it was ok if I refused the other shots.  Thanks for the link about the vaccines, interesting reading so far.

Thanks to everyone for the information and support.  Since my kids are grown this little dog is like my baby in the house, I love him dearly!

[quote="becky b"]Sherry he had all his vaccines just a few days before he got so sick.[\quote]

This is it for me.  There is so much abount vaccines that is just wrong on so many levels.  I know we all do what we think is best and until about 3 years ago, my animals were always vaccinated according to what the vets told me to do.  I'm not trying to make you feel bad - this just jumped out at me because if he had few or no problems before the vaccines then what's been happening since clearly represents vaccinosis.

Since he has so many problems perhaps you could find a holistic or alternative vet - if not where you can take the dog in at least on the internet.  Find one that has some kind of verifiable reputation.

My feeling is to get the dog off any processed foods and go to a raw foods diet (without the poultry and things he's allegedly allergic to so you don't stress him system) and do at least a 60 day detox.  You might pm Annie and ask her about Zeolytes - they may help.  

Sometimes we have to pull out the chemicals and the big guns so don't get me wrong - I'm not against doing what you have to do.  I'm just more about helping the entire system of the animal be as healthy as possible with whatever is going on.  Keep on the probiotics - make sure what you are using is high quality cause some things advertised as probiotics are just crap & a waste of money.

Oh and stop the Advantix immediately - no chemicals!

Find a holistic vet - they know a lot about treating the entire system.

Keep us posted!

PS:  If you can't go for the raw foods diet for whatever reason, pm me.  Dynamite Ultimate Dog Food is consistently rated the best dog food available in natural and alternative food circles.  The mill is the only certified pesticide free mill in the country.  Ultimate plus some pureed lightly steamed veggies has helped my itchy dog a bunch - plus the toad juice/body wash.  She was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange.

I just inherited/rescued a pair of Doberman's and one of the two is itchy, has rough looking, pink and irritated skin on his armpits and lower abdomen.   I think his problem is food allergies not the scabies, since the scabies appear highly transmittable and none of my other 4 dogs are having the problems.

I went to the site on scabies to see pics to find out if the problems are similar enough to have the test done anyway, but can't download the pics.

Spencer doesn't have any ear problems, just body, and was on an incredibly cheap (similar to Old Roy) dogfood.  

I reseached and found his old vet to find out if he had already been treated, and he has not.  I do not have access to a holistic vet here, and I have an appointment with a good area vet his Monday.

I already have a dog with food allregies, and now that I have two, I intend to really educate myself.  I am cautious however about where I get my info.  I want a reputable source.

Which brought me here.

Where do you guys go to learn what you have.  Are there reputable sites/books that address allergies/nutrition/skin conditions?  Is there anything I can do right now that will help make my miserable new dog more comfortable?

Sorry about the long post, thanks in advance for any help!

Research this -  Diatomaceous Earth

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