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Lightrider bitless bridle reviews? comparisons with others?

Hello everyone , I am seriously considering switching to a bitless bridle. My horse Layla was started in a parelli halter and ridden that way for 20 odd rides before introducing a bit so the communication re Lateral Flexion and HQ disengagement is all there in a rope halter as well as a bit.

My question is what have been peoples experiences with the lightrider bitless bridle? It is the one I am considering (in particular the one with the rope halter attached not the leather one) for a number of reasons but I would love to hear feedback from others who have used them (good or not so good) and also other styles which people like.

Thanks in advance

Didn't feel like I had any breaks, and Eclipse ran right through it.  We did better with the Dr.  Cooks.  Right now, we are in a snaffle (happy mouth) and she is doing really well.  I don't use mine anymore.  She does better bridless than she did with that bitless bridle.  Does better with the Parelli hackamore.

I absOlutelty love mine , sante loves it, feel very safe,
Also broke in three horses using it, yeah two thumbs up

My horse wasn't too happy in it.  Nor did she like the Dr. Cooks.  But she is very happy in a noseband I bought from ebay "Knot Just Rope".  this fits onto our old leather bridle and I was so pleased with the first one I bought another!!  Alyth

Got just the Lightrider noseband that can be fitted to a bridle.  I didn't like it and Boots liked it even less so we sold it again.

The one you are looking at might be quite different.

My horse doesn't need something that tightens under her chin.

I've ordered one from Sunset Halters that is like a Parelli halter but has rings in the side knots and a fixed strap under the nose band to help keep the nose band stable.

But it hasn't arrived yet.

I bought the lightrider noseband too, and my girl hated it, then I realised it was rubbing under her chin, she had a thumb sized sore.  We now ride in the Dr Cooks and she's much happier.

I got the full rope one -(its purple )

The reason i went to the bitless, was I was finding that doing precision riding at speed in the rope halter was leading to miscommuncations, and Sante was having to "guess" when I couldn't give clear enough instructions - I was setting him up to fail - So went with the easy rider.

It works on the side pull theory, with a chin strap that tightens / loosens equivalent to rein pressure.

We don't do dressage or anything liek that in it (havent attempted it yet) but all the trail riding / sporting we've done he's really liked