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I finally started watching my patterns freestyle DVD's and the ?box is being discussed on the SC forum.
Has anyone used this pattern much?   I'm going to set it up to try this weekend.   I don't have a nice flat arena, so we will have to have it on uneven ground and with much smaller circles..

Can you all share how you have set this up at your places?   Pictures if you have any, I need some ideas.

I use a question box from time to time & it stays set up in the middle of the round pen. I'll get some phots tomorrow. I do find larger circles allow the horse to set itself up better since the essence of the box is that the horse knows that something is coming & can prepare.

When I say larger circles I mean my roundpen is 17m across with the 2.5m box in the middle & I ride or groundwork Sonny at liberty through it in circles that are either half as wide as the distance to the fence or the full width to the fence. So that means he's making circles through the box that are about 5m or 8m in diameter. Even larger circles would be advantageous on occasions especially when cantering because you need time to think & set yourself up too.

Remember that a horse can need 3 secs to think about what you have just asked. See how far you travel in 3 secs. That will tell you how big the circle needs to be during the learning phase.

I used the box to get Sonny ready for flying changes. It was to habituate him to always knowing that I was going to ask for it there & he could prepare. I used it for practise for my L4 Freestyle audition where I rode Sonny bridleless doing exercises through the question box & around the roundpen.

I did post when I made these pegs for my question box but I can't find it now to put the link in here so here are the photos again. I used 2lt or 4lt ice cream containers with shoping bags lining them, then filled with concrete & tied the bags over the top to slow the rate of set. Next day I half filled the pipes with more concrete to make them bottom heavy & so I could rest my carrot stick down the pipe without loosing it & I could grab it while riding. My frogs love living in them too!    If you hav a look at any of my youtube videos taken this last year you will see the posts in the middle of my roundpen.

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