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Saddle pads thread

Well, I keep seeing threads about saddle pads, so thought I'd make a place for them.  Especially since I'm in the market for one and have been researching and trying several.  

I'll leave off with the Theraflex since everyone here knows about it.  Except that they have a website where you can get the Theraflex without the Parelli logo!  Pretty cool.  Haven't found the prices yet. -  I sent an email, though.

Here's what I've learned so far.

Skito pad - I bought this for a Bob Marshall saddle which is since sold.  Kept the pad.  I use it under the Parelli BBpad for cushioning and to protect the spine.  It works great for that.  Generally I like this pad because of the large spine channel.  You can shim it and get it made for any saddle shape and with various degrees of foam firmness and thickness.  My horse does like this pad and the makers are very helpful and easy to deal with

Equipedic - this pad felt good and has alot of features that are helpful - great heat dissipation, good weight distribution, I like the felt underside.  It didn't work as the pad for the Freeform because it wasn't shaped enough for his withers.  Otherwise we did like the pad.  It didn't slip.  Also can add shims to this one.

HAF pad - I liked this one the least mostly because the foam was particularly bouncy.  I guess some would like that feature, but I felt like I was riding on a thick pillow.  The non-slip underside was nice and didn't irritate my horse.  Good shaping for the withers and easy to clean.  

I would like to hear experiences from those who have tried Thinline, Supracor, and Saddleright pads.  Also, people who have combined various pads and shims, etc.  Why did you combine them?  Which ones were on the horse and which on top?  Anyone who uses shims, how and with which pads?  I had someone suggest that I take the inserts from the Equipedic and ADD them to the HAF pad on top of the HAF inserts?!  Haven't tried it yet, but I will - just for the experiment.  I would guess it would be quite the bouncy result.  It's defintely a different idea and apparently it's working for somebody.
Horse Gypsy

I like my equipedic pads.  I took an old Equipedic pad and cut it up to make shims that I put in side the pad.  I have a HAF also-  I have it with the fleece and I like the fleece aspect of it.  I use a Theraflex but I always use it with a wool liner pad.  I want to get a Mattes because I like the idea of the wool and the close contact.  
I have never had anything negative happen due to saddling or riding using the Equipedic pads.

On a different thread, Karen just posted that she takes her Dixie Midnight pad and puts it under the Theraflex.  That's an interesting combo and I'll have to try it.  I'm curious if the DM causes any pressure on the spine since there is no spine channel?

I don't think the weave saddle pads need a channel since they have such good ventilation.  

I ride in an Ansur without a channel, and have used it with various pads.  I've noticed no problem.   I do think though that horses with a prominent backbone probably need both saddle and pad to have channels to get the weight off their backbone onto their back muscles.
Horse Gypsy

Some people prefer no seam on the spine-  As long as the saddle has channel I don't see it as a problem.  And even in a treeless saddle -  I think that having no seam could make sense because it is just one more thing to irritate the spine.  Sort of depends how sensitive your horse is.

I use D'lua Park fleece pads or Zilco Puffer Pads and all my saddles, generally on top of an Easy Clean if the horse is going to sweat. I have a Mackinder Endurance Saddle, some dressage saddles and all purpose saddles, and 2 stock saddles of varying makes and they are all good.

The Mackinder has very specific shaped pads; the dressage and stock have the same pads as they are a similar shape.

I have other pads but rarely use them any more except the diamond quilted pony dressage pad which goes under the roller I use for long reining.

This is my saddle pad for all my English saddles.

I have over a half-dozen of them.  They come in different sizes and colors, and there are other brands who make a similar pad.   Some are higher for higher withers.  It is cotton waffle weave with foam in the middle.   It is ventilated and the horses do well with it.   The weave is cotton, so it is natural and soft, but enough grip to stay on even my round horses under treeless saddles.

I like them because they are cheap and fit in the washer (when my husband isn't home...LOL).  For clinics or camp rides I take several and have a clean/dry one for each day's ride.  

I've used them for 7-8 years now and I ride a lot, a lot of different horses, and many long trail rides in the mountains.   I've never had a sore or scald or any problem at all with them.  

I wish they made a similar pad in western, but I've never found one.

I have a Theraflex and a Saddleright.  Both work well, the saddleright works better under my dixieland gaited flex tree saddle than the theraflex.  The Therflex works better with my traditional western saddle for my appy mare.
I have the thin wool pads that go under the saddleright and that seems to keep it clean, and it doesnt slip. The theraflex with thin shims helps my appy mare who is 17 and swaybacked.  Really like them both!
cynthia peterson

I have a saddleright saddle pad. I have LOTS of saddle pads, and I really like this saddleright the best under every saddle I have from the treeless Bob Marshall to my English saddles. I too use a thin real wool felt pad underneath it to keep it clean.

I do have a skito saddlepad, made last year for my new BM treeless saddle. This is my 2nd BM/skito. I wore out the other set/ The skito pad inserts do seem to "bottom out" (re: wear out and get flimsy) over time. Also, the skito inserts need to warm up in the winter. So, I bought saddleright for winter and ended up liking it the best. The saddleright is guaranteed for life. You send in the pad and they will send you another one if it wears out (I suspect they never wear out) The suede color is known to fade badly tho (just like our suede leather coats and chaps do)

I have a Dixie. I don't know why, because I have no slippage with the skito and saddleright. It is really ugly. But it sure does a self grooming in the Spring for all that endless shedding hair! I thought the horses would hate it. It  does feel like a doormat. They horses seem to like it even if it feels icky against my skin.

A treeless needs a saddlepad without a channel~ must have it~ so the skito and saddleright are the deal there. I feel all my English saddles need a pad like the saddleright that has two sides that move independent (somewhat) of each other. Also the curve contour of the skito and saddleright (plus my better made other saddlepads) are by far a better design for even pressure.

Ok, all you sadderight pad people - where did you get your pad?
From the Saddleright website?  It has got to be the most confusing website ever - at least for my way of thinking.  
If you got it somewhere else, where?

Thanks for the information!
Horse Gypsy

The manufacturer of my Fhoenix Vogue recommend using a pad with no seam.  And that is a treeless saddle.  But the saddle has the option of having a channel for the spine.   It depends on the saddle but for my Barefoot and Fhoenix I do like the Equipedic pad which has spinal clearance-- but I also just use a wool liner pad with no seam and I don't really think it makes that much of a difference.   If anything I am a little worried about the seam rubbing the spine with the treeless saddles-- that is why Heather Moffat recommends the Mattes pads.

SKito and Equipedic fan here! When I was endurance riding I used both pads during times on a ride, often starting with the skito, then at the rest break, changing to a fresh dry equipedic. I love using them and I use treeless saddles.

Would like to get another skito with the dry top or a saddleright. I worked for a trainer in the dark ages who had one of their early prototype pads (think 1980's). We used that pad on every horse and it really held up through all sorts of wear and tear. Even at that time the pad costs around $200 and at first, I thought this trainer was crazy to spend that kind of money on a saddle pad. We got her monies worth out of it for sure!!

No supracor users on here?

ME! I ride with a Supracor endurance pad!

Hadn't responded because Pyrgirl had already privately emailed me about it last week.

I use it with my Atlanta Barefoot saddle and Imus 4-beat (flexible tree) saddles.


So, do you love it? I have a specialized eurolight that I LOVE, and it fits great, but I don't have a good endurance pad for it yet.

Love?  Well I LIKE the Supracor.  

I had been using a Skito pad beneath my treeless saddle, but the pad seemed very thick.  Plus, I felt like I should use a tacky-type liner to keep my Skito clean.  

The Supracor is very breathable, doesn't need a liner, cleans easily.  It isn't tacky, but it doesn't slip.  (I use a really nice ThinLine breathable cinch that keeps my treeless saddle very secure.)  If needed I can mount my 15'2 horse from the ground without my treeless saddle slipping.  

A friend from another board makes washable wool covers for Saddleright pads and customizes others.  I'm considering having her make covers for my Supracor and Theraflex pads:

Here's a link to photos of some of the other pads and covers she's produced:

hey, those are pretty dang cool!

Ok, I'm confused.  Just bought a tex tan flex tree endurance saddle.  I would like to get a saddle pad for it.  I checked out the skito and there are a lot of different inserts, extras, blah blah blah.  I like to keep things simple, and get the pad that best suits the saddle and the horse.  I don't want to have to take a college course to do it.  Just want to know which pad?  Starting to tear up, with a big boo boo lip.

bit wrote:
Ok, I'm confused.  Just bought a tex tan flex tree endurance saddle.  I would like to get a saddle pad for it.  I checked out the skito and there are a lot of different inserts, extras, blah blah blah.  I like to keep things simple, and get the pad that best suits the saddle and the horse.  I don't want to have to take a college course to do it.  Just want to know which pad?  Starting to tear up, with a big boo boo lip.

Call Skito people.  They will get the right set-up for you in 5 minutes - they are really friendly.

Saddle pads

I have Theraflex, Equipedic and Saddleright pads, all in western style....

As I said, if I use the Theraflex, I use the Dixie Midnight under it.....don't use that setup alot ...I do use it if I am going to be riding bareback for very long though....

I love the Equipedic pad....I use it with the Parelli Natural Performer and a Circle Y Flex Tree saddle...and have used it with my Bob Marshall treeless....which I rarely ride in any more....

I like the Saddleright, but haven't used it in's a pain to clean, even though I use their felt liner under absorbs sweat smells pretty easily...I think the reason I don't use it more often now is that it is really heavy compared to the Equipedic....

Seems my hand always goes towards the Equipedic on the saddle rack....I also do  Equine Touch 'saddle area' opening and closing moves before and after I ride!!...I am a Level 4 student, working on Practioneer status!


Saddle pads,,,,Saddle pads,,,   ohhh  this saddle pad or not this saddle pad,,,,that is the question

to many choices,,,my head hurts now,,,which one ? 5-star ? or saddle right ? Equipedic ? these pads have gotten so expensive anymore. You want to get the right one the first try. oh my the search continues i geuss.

Maybe just buy a peice of felt wool and make one,,, sigh

I bought my saddleright and two liners from a woman in TX who was switching from western to english and selling her tack.  I love it, and Reba shows no signs of it bothering her, or being "hot" after a ride.  I googled saddleright pad for sale and it came up.  The warranty transfers too, saddleright will honor the guarantee even if you get it used.


Finally settled on the saddleright pad and it will be here in about three weeks.  I spoke to Jennette at saddleright, and that number is 1800-677-6970.  She was really helpful, told her what saddle I had, the kind of riding I do, what my horses body looks like and then we talked about the different options.  She suggested, I picked, and that was that.  They have a great 3x payment plan, so you can stretch it out over three months.  The send you pad, and do installments.  Works for me!

Equipedic pad

Does the Equipedic pad feel thinner under the saddle? The theraflex feels like an air cushion to me. And it still lets my saddle shift from side to side. I had tried a Corrector pad-did not work well for me. Monty is a round backed Haffy.

Re: Equipedic pad

AkHaffy wrote:
Does the Equipedic pad feel thinner under the saddle? The theraflex feels like an air cushion to me. And it still lets my saddle shift from side to side. I had tried a Corrector pad-did not work well for me. Monty is a round backed Haffy.

The Equipedic is a firm kind of foam and not too thick.  The underside of the pad is wool.  It's not extra grippy like the Theraflex, though.  The top side of the pad (next to the saddle) is some kind of cordura fabric.  It's a really nice pad and I liked the feel of it.  The only reason it didn't work for us was the top edge was almost totally straight.  Not much slope for high withers.


I have a saddleright pad and tried it on my son's horse that bucks when he goes fast with the theraflex. No bucking and he didn't need shims and the saddle was on the balance point. I am sold.
I am going to be selling them on my site
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