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Sugar Free Horse Treats

Anyone know where I can get horse treats that I can offer to my LBI who is IR?  Thanks.

I get some beet ones, I will try to remember to look at the brand today.

I remembered it... LOL

It is only 95% sugar free but still pretty good.

Thanks Jewil.

Grass hay cubes work well.

Skodes makes suitable treats.  Or you can feed a variety of veggies.  Dusty liked broccoli stems and dried peas.  He was LBI and I used a fanny pack of dried peas as incentive when we played.  He also really liked raw sunflower seeds, but you can only give a small palmful of those, he could have way more peas safely.  Celery is also safe, but Dusty didn't like it.  Zucchini too, Dusty condescended to eat a piece or two.

The Skodes variety of natural treats is wonderful, a little on the expensive side.

Triple Crown feed makes a "Lite" formula pelleted horse feed that's formulated for horses that are easy keepers and can't tolerate a lot of starch/sugar. You could use a handful of those pellets as a treat too.

If you're into cooking your own, this is a good recipie!

I was making and selling them but I really don't love baking so here you go.

My horse loves these treats, and when you bake them they make your
house smell delicious! When you bake them make sure they get good and
crunchy, but not burnt! the crunch is satisfying to the horses.

Cook enough rice so you end up with 6 cups cooked rice. Let cool to room
Stir in 1 cup ground stabilized flax
3 tbsp cinnamon (for cinnamon flavor), or 3-4 tbsp vanilla extract (for
vanilla flavor), or 3-4 tbsp maple flavor extract (for maple flavor)
1/2 cup flour

use small cookie scoop to scoop cookies, tightly packed and close together,
onto cookie sheets (you'll need two cookie sheets for this size batch) It's
very sticky! (I tried adding oil to the recipie, but the cookies ended up
molding really fast which was not acceptable to me.)

bake in oven for about 40 minutes on 275. remove from oven, turn cookies
over, and bake another 40 minutes. They are done when you cannot really
'squish' them at all. they should be hard and crunchy but not burnt! cool
for several hours to let heat and remaining moisture dissipate. refrigerate
or freeze. will keep a few weeks while refrigerated if baked properly. will
eventually begin to mold, as there are no preservatives. Baking them on a low temp for long enough will reduce moisture content and thus likelihood of early molding.

These have, if you have use the EXTRACTS and NOT ACTUAL MAPLE, very tiny
amounts of sugar.

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